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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It all started with a breadbox?

My lovely wife, Pam, had a great grandmother (of course) and her name was Helen Reilly.  Helen, had a breadbox and as far as we know she didn't keep much bread it.  Instead she used it for holding recipes.  This box contained newspaper clippings, hand written lists of ingredients, full printed recipes, etc. some written on what looks like scoring paper for card games.

It's these scrap paper recipes (or lack there of) that intrigue me.  I envision Helen and friends sitting around a card table playing Rummy or some other card game while eating some sort of dessert and Helen saying something like, "Wow, this is delicious you must give me the recipe" and someone siting across the table starts spilling out a list of ingredients.  Helen frantically grabs whatever paper she can find, the scoring paper in this case, and starts writing as much as she can remember hoping to figure out exactly what to do later.  This paper eventually ends up in her breadbox of "recipes to save for later."  Whether she made the recipe again or not is perhaps not the point, but she saved it and somehow the breadbox and everything in it ended up in Pam's mother's basement to be found by Pam and I.

Since that time I have taken it upon myself to figure out these recipes, what they make, how many they serve, and the specifics of how to prepare them.  This blog is my attempt to publish my findings to the world as well as comment on my other findings in recipes in general.

If you have a recipe or scrap of paper that looks like the start of a recipe, feel free send it my way.  I'm always interested researching new recipes.

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